Our company “Topalis Ioannis & Sons S.A.” is a family business that started its course at the food sector in 1979. Originally on a local mini market with lemon juice and “split coffee”, a pioneering patent of the time.

Since 1990, it has begun to sell its products nationwide in large supermarket chains either on its own label or on a private label.

Since 2000 our company has been transported to modern 500 square meters premises and was initially certified with the ISO-22000 quality certification system. Since then it has begun exporting to Europe, America and Asia where it still has stable partnerships with the countries of the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria and Canada.

In 2010, our company and the members that constitute it, in the context of continuous development are expanding its activities by adding another product to its range red and white vinegar. By giving this product the possibility of either private or a label of our company “John Top”.

In 2014, we decide to become even more competitive by investing in the market for state-of-the-art PET bottles. Our company’s goal of producing bottles is both quality products and competitive prices.

In 2016 our company extends its facilities to the bottling of blue alcohol lamp, adding a new product to its potential.

In the next year 2017, our company, in order to be able to meet the requirements of the international and domestic market, is certified by the internationally recognized IFS Certification System.

In the context of continuous development our company aims to expand its activities in the field of detergents, mainly professional and household use.